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There are countless New Age courses in America: Shamanism, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama classes etc. I have taken quite a few in the last ten years-mainly Pranayama, yoga and meditation. A lot of these courses has helped me to a great degree- and many of  other people in the the 21st century.

But a lot of Americans still have that deep entrenched habit of superficiality. The more animated and colorful the course is the more desireable, the preference for a teacher (conciously or unconsciously) because of his looks or charisma; the prettier the center, and the more deep and impressive the explanation of the benefits of the spiritual technique-such as chakra talk and kundalini ascension the greater the attendance

   From my experience (as well as testimonies of  other true seekers) I have found that  the path to true spirituality is more simpler than what I had once imagined.

  I, like many other Americans use to be caught up in wondering about things such as, do I have a blockage in my first chakra? Should i try somato-release therapy to release traumas locked in my body? maybe some shamanism classes?

  No, I know what will do it! that new pranayama and meditation class!

Understand that when you pursue a so-called path of spirituality this way, the ego keeps perpetuating itself in the form of doubt and questioning on the most subtle of levels-this can be for many years! In the beginning of some new course you feel as if this is the best course, and then you are on your way to another, one, then another.

So, as i mentioned earlier, I said that it is easier than what you think; It is mindfulness. This is the kind of habit of observing your thoughts, reactions, emotions, tension or pleasure in the body constantly. The practice of mindfulness is like asking,  Hmmm what is this ?and ironically expecting no answers. You are not rushing an answer, you are just remaining in a state of observation-which will make the answer from the intuition of the soul rise up unexpected and spontaneous.

It is understandable that Asking a question without an answer for the average person is  very difficult to understand.

 (This spontaneous rise of an answer happens because in nature-throughout the cosmos-creation happens effortlessly like a  budding of a flower, flowing stream or raining over a region. Do you think nature ponders with intense friction and doubt and dillemas about an action like should I rain or not? Absolutely not!!!      We just dont know it but we have that effortless spontaneous creator in us too, but our egos block it.)

It is understandable that Asking a question without an answer for the average person is  very difficult to understand.)

Furtherly, mindfulness is cultivating non-judgement and looking as much as possible at things from a neutral state. Think about it when you are judging yourself, how do you really truly know that  the standard you feel bad about not living up to is the truth of what you suppose to be? Or honestly is that from conditioning of society or your parents?

You dont know. The only way the truth about something can be seen beyond your conditioning of right or wrong is through neutral observation. This kind of observation is certainly closest to the objective truth about something more than any judgement can ever be.

In my opinion, one should cultivate mindfulness for months first before they decide on what path or spiritual course they will take. Why? because in the state of egoless-ness observation there is nothing but true wisdom to be obtained. Just throwing yourself in some spiritual course because of a Keen New age marketing video, testimony of a friend etc is 90% of the time is pleasing to the Ego!

Trust in Mindfulness before pursuing other spiritual path.

Mindfulness is the king of all spiritual transcendence methods.


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