Jordan A. Bunch has been on the spiritual path of self-inquiry for over ten years.  He has taken courses on Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga, and Qigong-and currently he is rooted in philosophy that mindfullness is the key to liberation from the Mind/ego’s grip.

Although he has a natural connection to such spiritual concepts and a high capacity for understanding things in the realm of (New Age) Ancient Eastern Spiritual concepts, he has a very down to earth personality.

Jordan has a sarcastic name he made for himself: “The 80% Spiritual Guy” The reason why is because he knows he is not perfect, or appear to be as some people try to portray in the New Age Spiritual settings.

He feels that although dressing in all white, being 100% vegan/Raw-Foodist, and raising your kundalini up one chakra higher has spiritual benefits, He believes that it is a mistake and a restriction to collective  and individual human spiritual development for a person to think they absolutely must  adopt these characteristics to be spirituaL.

Jordan will make spirituality be more understandable on a more practical level for everyday people-so that they may begin to reap the tremendous benefits that New Age Spiritual knowledge has to offer-so that they won’t push themselves away with the intimidating thought that they don’t fit it. He will touch on topics like:

 meditation, mindfullness, Quantum field theory, Power of Now, liberation from mind control, sociological perspective on societies classes, communication advancement, and various insights on Personally developing ones self.

In addition to the spiritual characteristics  and knowledge Jordan posesses, he is also a college student in pursuit of his Masters in Social Work, a writer and entrepreneur(in affiliate/internet marketing). His hobbies are hip-hop style dancing, watching comedy or being comical himself, and just a good ole night out on the town.

What makes Jordan so interesting is that he blends in with the average newyorker from appearance-first glance-but he laughs at this and says this is his infiltrative disguise to recruit people into the liberated realms of mindfulness LOL!